Love NZ Land and Water is a project about bringing together people a diverse group of people to share, discuss and collaborate on projects & solutions that aim to see NZ land and water flourish.


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We believe in bringing people together to achieve what we can’t alone; an environment, that all of us kiwis love, and are proud of.



Tui Williams: Community Builder & Event Manager - excited about bringing people together to do good.



Britt Little: Sustainability Ambassador & Project Manager - passionate about the connection between people and our impact, whether through business or environmental projects.



Kiran Patel: Community & Movement builder - passionate about bringing people together to create projects to make the world more awesome.



Seung-woo Hong: Professional videographer & vlogger passionate about NZ, worked overseas notably in LA.




Over six days we raised $4500 to run the roadshow. Check out our pledgeme campaign here, or watch the video below.