Love NZ Land and Water is a project about bringing together people a diverse group of people to share, discuss and collaborate on projects & solutions that aim to see NZ land and water flourish.


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What a whirlwind of an adventure.

Finishing in Wanaka, being treated supremely well by Southland hospitality. Our minds, eyes, tummies and hearts nourished and full of stories and reflections to compile and share.

We arrived back in Auckland, and began receiving positive feedback.

Messages, emails, stories of what the roadshow meant to them.

We want to share those stories, and messages, and share heartfelt thank you to all our supporters on Pledgeme, awa...


Waking up to realise we were over halfway through the roadshow was quite a shock. But there was no time to ponder this, it was an early start with an 8am flight from Wellington to Christchurch.

After a team meeting Britt and Tui went and caught up with Glen Herud from Nature Matters at the Lyttleton Farmers market. Nature matters is working on a new way of doing dairy, with a transportable cow shed and less intensive farming. Glen believes in the power...


Conversations with:

Hamish Bielski ( Rehoboth Farm)

David Diprose (Ermedale Farm)

Suzanne Hanning Baes (Bristol Grove Dairies LTD)

Chris Mangion (CPM environmental Tapui)

Chris Arbuckle (Touchstone - Wanaka)

After a great evening celebrating the success of our final event we were up and on the road early Sunday morning to drive all the way from Christchurch to Balclutha. We had a very positive phone call from Glen Lauder, inspiring us, and motivating us t...


After a night's rest, and a regrouping of the team. We made it to the capital city. With 3 very different events under our belt, we were excited to see what Wellington would bring.

The fact it was a city, made us look to compare it to Auckland in the types of conversations and discussions that came through.

We were excited to be running it at the Creative HQ Event Space, where the Pledgeme Team works. It was quite a special moment to have Anna from Pled...


After a 7 hour drive, we made it to Palmerston North.

We had a few assumptions going into this hui, after having been informed there was a Climate Change Debate happening on the same day, at the same time. We assumed this would be a smaller gathering.

We arrived at the Community House of Palmerston North, and was welcomed by the programme manager, who led us to our room.

At around 6:00pm people began to arrive, 30 mins before the event was scheduled to b...


Time to hit the road; with deep reflections of the first night - with the feedback from the team and attendees of:

“How might we give more opportunity for discussion?”

“How can we allow for the gathering to be a positive but realistic conversation/korero about our Land & Water.”

“Allow for more heart-sharing & rather than factual or sharing concerns that we already know about.”

With the constructive feedback, we felt armed and prepared for Whangarei, wher...


We embarked on this adventure, with our heads full of optimism, and are hearts full of passion, fueled by a crazy idea & the mission to see our environment flourish.

6 events, in 6 days, in 6 different places across the country.

It was crazy, and the weight of it was starting to seep in.

Auckland was first up, and thankfully we had confirmed the venue earlier in the week. This gave us around 3 days to sell tickets, get people there, and bring the right p...


A crazy idea, with an epic mission to see our environment flourish.

This is how it all began.

Tui & Kiran sat in a van in Christchurch only 4 days before we were to launch into this epic campaign. Whilst waiting for a meeting with Duane Major, Tui shared an impassioned monologue on her love for the land & water. Her dream was for New Zealand, to reconnect with a value that is quintessentially kiwi, our love for our land & water.

Duane Major who w...

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