Love NZ Land and Water is a project about bringing together people a diverse group of people to share, discuss and collaborate on projects & solutions that aim to see NZ land and water flourish.


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Thanks to our Gold Sponsor


Hamish Bielski from Rehoboth Farm


Rehoboth Farm is a sheep and beef farm in Southland. Hamish is passionate about creating a regenerative farming system, to give back to the land.


"Agriculture is not the problem, it is the management of our system that is the problem. Agriculture can be a part of an awesome solution once we get it right."



Chris Arbuckle from Touchstone


The Touchstone Project is a direct action initiative to support those concerned about the Lake Wanaka water catchment, raise awareness of impacts around the lake, and how you can have a positive influence on the water in the lake.


"The key thing is to do stuff that matters to the lake. To get out and do things that fix water quality for everyone to enjoy."


David Diprose (Ermedale Farm), Chris Mangion (CPM Environmental Tapui) and Suzanne Hanning Baes (Bristol Grove Dairies Ltd).


Ermedale Farm and Bristol Grove Dairies are two Dairy farms based in the deep south, just out of Invercargill. CPM Environmental is an environmental consultancy that helps farmers work in harmony with their environment.


“I truly believe that farming and the environment can work together and be harmonious. Farming needs to match the environment that you are in, the more suited it is the better the outcomes are for your farm and the environment." Chris Mangion