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How it all began - 6 Day Roadshow Project

September 26, 2017

A crazy idea, with an epic mission to see our environment flourish.

This is how it all began.


Tui & Kiran sat in a van in Christchurch only 4 days before we were to launch into this epic campaign. Whilst waiting for a meeting with Duane Major, Tui shared an impassioned monologue on her love for the land & water. Her dream was for New Zealand, to reconnect with a value that is quintessentially kiwi, our love for our land & water.


Duane Major who were waiting to meet, and Adam Gard’ner were the initiators of the Gift a Beach campaign. In three weeks they raised 3 million dollars to buy Awaroa Beach (part of Abel Tasman Beach) and gift it back to NZ.


Earlier that day we met with Adam who had us inspired, and in combination after Tui’s passionate moment, we had come up with the crazy idea to run 6 events, in 6 days. The purpose of which was to spark the conversation across the country around how we are treating the environment, and how we might allow it to flourish for future generations.


We went into our meeting with a few missions, one was to get Duane on board with this crazy idea we had come up with 10 minutes prior to seeing him. “We’re running 6 events, in 6 days, in 6 different places across NZ and we’d love for you to be a part of our Christchurch panel,” With an immediate yes, and many words of encouragement, we were set. Duane shared his learnings from the beach campaign, and left us with some key ideas and lessons that helped direct our attention. In hindsight these were instrumental in the success of the whole project.


With one panelist locked in, we decided to call Suggie our videographer friend to ask if he was free, and though he misheard Land & Water for Lamb & Water, he was positive, and asked that we speak in person to confirm details…


Details… that we were only just coming up with.

The following day, we were flying back to Auckland and ahead of us lay a weekend of hustle. This saw us film a video with 7 different contributors voicing their support for our PledgeMe campaign asking for $4500 to make this happen.


Optimism was the word of that week. With a surprise $1,000 coming through from the Namaste Foundation in the first 24 hours, we were stoked.


The mid-campaign blues hit, common to all Crowdfunding campaigns, having raised $1800 in the first 2 days, and only $500 in the next two, we still had around $2000 to raise in the last 2 days.


Champions like; Alex Whitcombe, Duane & Adam, Sian Simpson, Yoseph Ayele, Michelle Parker, and Samantha Jones all pulled through, gathering support from their friends to drive us to a successful crowdfunding campaign.


An experience unlike any other was about to get started, and the nerves, anxieties started to creep in, is this really happening? How are we possibly going to plan 6 events in 6 days?


The work started Sunday. Only 10 days after the inception of the idea. One Day before our first event in Auckland.


Read more about Day one here. 



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